Epic Fail!

Wow, it’s only been a couple of weeks but I’ve already broken my agreement (and the first of the Two Fundamental Laws that keep a society & a civilization ‘good’ which makes ‘great ones’ possible)…to Post-every-week.

Learn about the Two Fundamental Laws from a politico-economics whiz, Richard Maybury, here: http://www.chaostan.com/books.html

The only excuse I can offer is that this past week I took pity on my graphic-design students at our co-op and wrote a tutorial (in PowerPoint, fun!) for the software they are (supposed to be) learning to use in class. It should help make up for us missing the ‘starting gun’ by two weeks due to weather-delays.

Have you always wanted to get graphically-creative but were too cheap to buy the software? DaisyTrail has just what you need…for free! Here: http://www.daisytrail.com/ Go to Free Stuff and download the free, bare-bones CraftArtistCompact. It’ll get your graphic-design toes wet as good as anything you can buy for $100.

Their work will be posted here (as soon as we get going): www.exploregraphicdesignscrapbooking.blogspot.com.

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