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How to Buy Linen Dresses

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Linen…not only is it ‘natural’ it’s renewable, too. When it’s hot out, linen is really cool to wear and did you know it’s the strongest natural fiber there is? So, quick…let’s get ‘into’ some linen dresses!


  1. Check your budget: linen clothing can be very pricey and may require $$ for its ‘upkeep’ as well.
  2. Consider how much time you want to ‘invest’ in keeping-up your investment: pressing; dry cleaning; perhaps hand-washing to maintain vibrant colors.
  3. Choose a style to minimize future headaches: less fussy lines means less time pressing and faster air-drying if you have washable-linens; slightly fitted or loose styles mean pull it from the closet and pop-it-on with no-worries-about-shedding-a-pound-or-two; ‘traditional shapes’ like shirt-dresses orHolly Golightlyesque sheaths mean your ‘investment’ will keep paying off perhaps for years!
  4. Never underestimate the benefits of shopping your nearby thriftstore…not all the fabulous finds have been snapped up yet.
  5. Lastly, unless you buy a totally ‘scrunched up’ frock, FACE IT, it will NEVER look as good as it does when it’s new, unless…you take to your trusted dry cleaner for the royal treatment. But who can afford that?


  • Read the labels. Even on secondhand clothing. Just because somebody accidentally shrunk a “dry clean only” thang and therefore it won’t get (much) smaller, you might make it bleed (lose color) onto something else or make its own colors ‘run’ into one another.
  • A little spray starch on neck edges or cuffs can ‘keep it clean’ longer. If you’ve never used spray starch before SKIP THIS TIP!


  • See Tip #1

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