Yes, I believe there really are “Good” people.

Eyes wide open!

The following is in response to this article at A Voice For Men:


“Rape…taints your trust in the world and twists how you see it.”

I’m torn by this article. On the one hand I ‘get’ what it is saying, but on the other…I have some thoughts:

1) Only a head-in-the-sand feminist who’s totally unaware-of-(actual)history could believe the above quoted line, that women were once-upon-a-time 1000% ‘safe’ from being raped. WHY? because…

2) It is, in fact, the Good in both men and women (trained into them as children, by the way, from religious/other-moral upbringing) that RESTRAINS those Good individuals from EXERCISING the real-world power they always have over those subordinate to that power. That said…

3) It’s easy to see why when women ‘go bad’ (OR were never really very Good to begin with, OR simply lacked victims – OR the ‘guts’ to take action upon available victims) they TARGET children more often than men (who can more easily out-power them).

I am not ‘bound by rape hysteria’ any more than I am ‘bound’ by car-jacking or home-invasion ‘hysteria’. I do, however, live in the real world, and therefore understand Living presents the risk of Dying. And the risk of animal-attack, whether from 4-legged ones or 2-legged ones.

But…to be ‘situationally aware’ is not the same as ‘assuming everyone is Bad’. It’s simply Eyes-Wide-Open living. Kind of like the goal of MRA-websites like this one, eh?


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