A Dystopian “Three Little Pigs”

Ain't he purrty?

A timely re-telling posted on a favorite thought-provoking site:

Once upon a time there were three little pigs who had come of age and ventured out into the free world to chase their dreams in a capitalistic society.

The first little pig set out to live a humble life.  Biblical studies was his number one passion in life.  He chose to not let himself get caught up in all the external things – what you might call worldly possessions – so he built himself a house of straw.  Truth be told, he paid cash to build the straw house; thus he was mortgage free and able to enjoy his second passion: target shooting.

He didn’t mind hunting, but he absolutely enjoyed plinking.  Not many people knew this, but he had quite a collection of rifles he had collected from his youth.  Most of the rifles were .22 LR.  Not only were these rifles ideal for target shooting, but the ammo was relatively inexpensive; so he could spend hours at the range.
Read the rest here.

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