Sure for some of us oldies-but-goodies it sort of sounds like something Robin Williams’ “Mork” character might have said ( But it’s not. It’s a life-changing words-actually-commited-to-paper challenge.

And it’s almost over. 😦 The new challenge is keeping up the writing enthusiasm and word-count momentum.

To any returning visitors: Did you notice the new blog “tagline?”  It used to be “Always plotting. Rarely writing.” But “Nanowrimo” has really helped me to change that. Visit their site and all you more-plotting-than-writing “writers” out there, like I “was,” please consider joining, then mark your 2012 calender (I know you have one already) for the word-frenzy next year.

Oh, and please also don’t waste precious November days “planning” (or plotting) instead of writing. You and I both know planning’s just another word for procrastination.


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