More than their knees…

I don't have THIS many as "pets"

File it under, “I’m sure I’ll regret this…”

Yesterday I brought two rain soaked, over on their sides, I was pretty certain they were frozen-dead but was hoping they weren’t, honeybees into my house. Actually I “made” a small house for them out of a plastic snaplid container.

Yes, I made tiny airholes in the top. And provided a “play area” (a twig I normally use to break up fights at the “feeding trough”) and honey-food. They fed earlier today but to give them more food I had to take them outside this afternoon and let them “chill” – I mean, who has a small enough tranq-gun for bees? (That’s actually what real “bee-keepers” use those smoke-thingies for but I don’t have one and wouldn’t use it in the house anyway.) I also had to wash out the container…it didn’t smell too sweet. 😦

I brought a couple of bees in once before – when they lingered too long in the feeding area I set up (and have been tending since mid-late August) – and all I got for my efforts were an ongoing girlbee-on-girlbee bigtime wrestling match!

This time these two seem to “bee” putting up with each other…famous last words?

Here’s hoping the sun’l come out tomorrow.

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