Finally it warmed up enough…

Yesterday, by 2:30,  it got up to about 51 or 52 degrees. I saw a “free” honeybee out at the feedless-feeder (I made it back in mid-August and have been tending hb’s voracious appetites ever since – except for a few days when it never got above 40-45) so I made some “nectar” and took it out.

After tending to the Wild Ones I went in and got the Lone Survivor of the pair I’d rescued from the near-freezing rain conditions we had. She seemed happy to bee free of me, cause it didn’t take much coaxing to get her to walk onto one of the clothespin “weights” I have around the edge of the feeder get-up.

Checked later and I guess she must have headed off home – or at least that’s what I’d like to believe anyway…

Did you know that indoor bees will calm down/slow down if you cover them – like a bird in its cage? I didn’t either until I got to the point I felt sorry for them (when there were two alive) going round and around their “cell.”

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