Kicking a lifelong habit…isn’t so bad

"Daisy" Sour Cream plus anything from "Bob's Red Mill" = Yum-m-m

Kicking out BREAD? And breakfast cereal? And pasta? And, well, you get the idea.

We began a “grain free” eating style on October 13th this year. Primarily due to a couple of documentaries “discovered” then seen in the order listed (and well worth your time, Truthseeker): and A couple of books are also due equal credit in our quest for better health: Wheat Belly and Primal Body, Primal Mind.

The latter film is one man’s first film-making effort (I believe) and it goes way beyond correcting the falsehoods within “Supersize Me”. It goes where all Thinkers, not just dyed-in-the-wool skeptics, should go when presented with Government-Guidelines for anything. Tom Naughton has done an inestimable amount of research, hence a Great Service to Truthseekers of all political stripes. And he is downright funny at the same time.

An acquaintance asked about a month “into it,”  whether I felt better. I said I wasn’t really sure because I hadn’t felt bad to begin with, thank God. I had nothing to prove, honestly, and to go down the “grain free” road invited a lot more investment in meal planning, shopping, prepping, and the most dread word of all: cooking. Sure, twenty years ago I loved to cook so much I taught classes all over Dallas County. But that was then and until this lifestyle change the less time I spent cooking the better.

So if you are the curious type check out the “Fathead” documentary for starters – you’ll never look at the Government’s FOOD PYRAMID the same way again. Or skim what’s available at Amazon in “Wheat Belly.” I’m betting you’ll be intrigued enough to consider an eating style change, yourself.

Bon apetit.


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