Awesome Writers’ Conference

You see, it’s all THIS lady’s fault…

Met Kristen at lunch on Sunday.

I didn’t bother to crop this because it looks like either God is beaming joyfully down on us or the alien mothership is about to make a big mistake! I also thought it was cool how she is pale-haired with dark clothing and I’m vice-versa.

I went to my first conference this past weekend. I met all sorts of lovely, cool, awesome people. Oh, and learned a lot, too. Since it was my first I have no way of knowing how it stacks up but know that attendees flew in from at least as far away as Seattle and Pennsylvania – to my personal knowledge – for it, so that says an awful lot right there.

The line up of speakers included nationally recognized best-selling authors along with agents and editors you really need to get to know. Of course since these latter types have come down from Olympus to our humble Metroplex meeting them especially on a one-on-one can feel a bit intimidating (at first). Once I realized there had been NO REPORTS of any of us aspiring-writers  getting bitten or otherwise savaged by even a single one I for one relaxed.

Here are a few links to some of these fabulous folks (in the order I attended lecture-sessions and/or met them):

Brenna Smith

Meredith Barnes

James Rollins

Lori Wilde

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