Liberty. Use it or lose it.

Started this post on 24 May 2012 but things “went wrong” in the process of inserting links and I, well, got so annoyed I left-the-building and never came back until today!


24 May 2012:

To say I’m “interested in Liberty” is about as stupid as saying I’m interested in breathing. I just had to share the following.

Do you ever find yourself wondering WHY some people just can’t see the Truth even when they have a fist full of reality-based, observable facts? I think some of what the Russian defector below has to say about a subverted educational-system and repetitive mass-media messages will go a long way to helping the clear-thinkers who still manage to live & breathe to “get it.” Here’s hoping these two men can help you grasp a little more of the Big Picture:

It is beyond coincidence that I should find two new blogs (admittedly by two men whose “thinking” I’ve already been keen on) in the last two days whose subject matter meshes frighteningly well.

First is a YouTube vlogger known as “RockingMrE” whose video [click] here was outstanding but lead me to his blog, which I hadn’t read until then. His post on the 18th of May included many great points but it also had two links that bring me to my point today. The first was a one-hour+ video wherein a Russian defector speaks on camera (in, of all years, 1984) about Soviet propaganda techniques used to OVERTHROW FROM WITHIN by re-shaping a people & their culture. In 1984, the man, Yuri Bezmenov, felt the time for the next-to-the-last-planned-phase in such a takeover of the United States was imminent. Clearly he was “off” by some 3+ decades.

The video is quite long, but invest at least 25 minutes for the portion actually discussing “Press Techniques” which begins at the 54:30 mark. He will cover all the points that went into this chart:

Tomas Schuman’s “Subversion Chart”

Note: according to the Wikipedia entry on Bezemov, above, “Tomas Schuman” was the man’s pen name. That may or may not be true but it was clear to me (I read the chart prior to watching the video) that “Schuman” had made it directly from Bezemov’s on-air conversation.


Here’s the second article, by Fran Porretto, found back in May that meshed so well with Mr. E’s “content.”


I re-discovered this writer, Francis W. Porretto, today after a year or so of reading an old blog of his that was called, “Eternity Road.” His post from Saturday, the 19th of May, “The Naked Face Of The Enemy,” is very meaty but will leave you thinking. It begins like this:

I’ve considered long and hard. I’ve agonized. I’ve cast about for alternatives until all the skin has worn off my fingers. I’ve repeatedly refused to accept the implications of what my senses repeatedly told me. I simply can’t do it any longer. The evidence is overwhelming.

America is currently in a state of civil war, and has been for some time.


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