One year ago.

It is just over a year since Thomas Ball killed himself.

Mr. Ball was driven to desperation by the twin pillars of a demanding “ex” and the ever more powerful State Machine she sicked on him.

The second tragedy was he was subsequently silenced – a second time – by a mainstream “press” desperate in their own peculiar way to preserve the status quo. Why? Why would “the Free Press” in the U.S. feel the need to brand this poor man (by virtue of his well-written! final statement, available here, thankfully) as an angry loon? Simple: they don’t want you to see any aspect of the Master’s “system” in a bad light, especially the so-called “Family Court” portion of that system. In this way they, the outlets that even bothered to air any form of the event on their news that day or week, retained the priviledge (from their Masters) to exercise that supposed “right to a free press.” For another day at least.


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