$212 million for one school-year and still the whine!

Friday, 10 aug 2012, noon this was posted here in the “Keller Citizen/Star-Telegram”

“KISD. If they didn’t extort, oh, $6000 every year from us alone, to play their games they’d be a joke. The latest K(ISD) Citizen’s cover (August 8, 2012) has them talking out of one side of their collective mouth, whining – as budget articles always do – about $212 million not being enough, about no raises/no pay increases in 3 years/and (only) 3% proposed for next year. And last week? It was from the other side. A gusher about how the new Super-duper Paper-pusher-in-Chief will be given more than $1/4million a year for driving around in a taxpayer-car, talking on his taxpayer phone, showing up at his desk, wrangling recalcitrant employees, and forever smiling at the helm of the district’s P.R. hotair-ship.

But think Private Sector. Ask: Does such an “education-professional” actually ever “earn” such an obscene amount? (It’s more than double what my husband earns with 30-plus years experience in the high-tech industry.) What precisely is the “product” this $1/4million-employee “produces” or what invaluable service does he (or did Veitenheimer ever) supply? Would this “paid” figurehead be missed if the position went unfilled for, say, an entire school year? Would any particular school kid do worse if this way, way, way overpaid position went “poof” permanently? I bet not. Most parents probably wouldn’t notice his absence either, nor would the entire 33,000 other kids of KISD.

About Leadership and accountability. Too bad each school wasn’t autonomous, relying on its parents, teachers, and an old-fashioned principal or two to get the day-to-day real job of educating done. Too bad student passing/failing rates throughout the year couldn’t be used like the logical indicator they are of educational-effectiveness and teacher-quality. This would create living/responsive and empowering school environments. The objectivity would be provided by a proven Nationally-recognized achievement test (Iowa, Stanford) that students can’t be prepped-for…rather than the endless taxpayer funded incestuous D.E(a)d. failures like the TAAS, TAKS, TEKS, and the latest boondoggle: the STAAR. Oh, yeah, rather than the supposedly-glittering resume of the district’s latest Dear Leader. Ah, but then along with his, all those other cushy ivory-tower “education” jobs would then naturally whither and ultimately go “poof” too.”


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