Do You “Rely on Authority” for Protection, Too?

Published in 1999. How many senseless deaths since?

“Greetings Rebels-to-King-George & curious others.

This essay (and subsequent YouTube video🙂 was prompted by a tragic occurrence which I just read about today. It happened over in Dallas a week ago, on August 21st. I’m calling this, “Reliance-on-Authority” but the news story’s actual title is, “9-1-1 call captures the murder of a Dallas woman,” which I’ll link to HERE.

Sadly, this is just one more instance where an all-too-trusting, dare I say, gullible, individual first believed in, then relied on the Authorities of “9-1-1” and their professional, uniformed-forces, to come to her defense. Instead, she was murdered – as others have been before her – all while being listened-to and duly recorded-by those very same Authorities and Professionals.

Frequently in the anti-gun media-saturated culture we live in those of us who dare to own and then dare to carry or wear handguns for personal and family-protection are looked upon as throwbacks. We are Wild-West-ers just waiting for our own high-noon or worse, we’re too thick-skulled, too Neanderthal-like to see our society has “evolved” beyond such “olden days.” We no longer need, they tell us, to carry a big stick – so of course we need even less to carry or own what is the ultimate evil in their eyes, a “bang stick.”

These culture-shapers of course live in ivory & glass houses. They are the penultimate hypocrites in so many ways. They profess from one side of their collective (pun intended) mouths that the police are our Big Daddy-protectors. But in private? Many of these supposed of-the-people-yet-actually-Brahmin-class “elites” prove they really do understand the critical day-to-day role sidearms play in their own safe-keeping.

The truth finally comes out of the other side of that mouth and they prove this “2nd Amendment” understanding every time one of them interviews and hires a servant to do the nasty-dirty gun-work for them. They hire expendable-proxies from the less-than-Brahmin-classes who’ll either “take the bullet” or fire-the-bullet as the situation warrants.

It is for these intertwined, double-speak, reasons I lay partial blame for such 9-1-1 tragedies squarely on the desks of all hypocritical “culture-shapers”. They are complicit because they trumpet the two-versed mantra which is more, more, more-Restrictive Gun-Laws on the one hand and the necessary follow-on of Reliance-on-Authority.

If it wasn’t so bloody-serious that familiar gun-rights’ saying, “What part of ‘Shall-Not-Be-Infringed’ don’t you git?” might just seem funny about now. I don’t even have to guess what our Founders would say about us…

Fortunately the King still grants us a few big-stick and bang-stick “privileges” in some of his dominions.

Sure, we less-than-Brahmins (to royally mix metaphorical-cultures) are required to bow and scrape and play all kinds of games, pay all kinds of stamp-taxes or fees. Sure, then we can hope against hope we’ll be thought worthy enough to receive the magic pieces of paper or plastic with the King’s seal upon them.

And once he or his men have confirmed our past and current compliance with all official decrees and once they’ve bestowed the formal tokens, then and only then, we’re finally “allowed” to buy those big-bang sticks. So see they’ll say, nothing was really “infringed”

See, we got what we needed to insure the preservation of our own life, liberty, and property – and those of our dependents – from unpredictable ne’er do wells that share our oh-so-civil society’s streets…This time anyway.

We got what we needed to keep ourselves safe from violent predators who choose to enter our climate-controlled businesses or habitations to do their dirty & often deadly work…This time anyway.

Self-reliance used to be the ultimate hallmark of America and of Americans but no longer. This cold-blooded murder in Dallas is a horrible reminder of why it still ought to be, especially in matters of personal security and personal safety.

So…would you hate-on-me or consider me as just plain “scary” if you knew I was a gun-owner? What would you think? How would you feel if you knew I was wearing a sidearm right now, in my own home, for personal protection? Would you brand me a part of that potentially-violent-at-any-moment minority who needs to be re-educated? Shown the error of my ways and the peaceful reality of our 21st century civil-society? Would the recent “shootings” given so much press lately have influenced those judgments of yours?

Well, I refuse to voluntarily play a part in a similar tragedy recorded by 9-1-1. How about you? I sincerely hope you will refuse to play and likewise I hope you’ll think on these things, especially the concept and practice of self-reliance, differently after today.

Until next time, Keep Vigilant & Safe, and Keep Rebelling.


Find the book, “Dial 911 and Die” on the publisher’s (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership – JPFO; along with many spectacular articles, films, and more) website HERE; find it on Amazon, HERE.

Need more evidence as to why is it so important to own and be prepared to use a personal firearm? Why you MUST give up the myth that “The Authorities Will Protect You?” Watch JPFO’s “Innocents Betrayed” trailer on YT HERE. The full film is on their site (keep scrolling towards bottom) or on this YT channel which was given permission by JPFO to re-broadcast it.


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