Anonymous Tipsters can get you killed…or The STATE gets “GRAYer”

Greetings, rebels to King George, and curious others.

A few videos ago I promoted the film, GRAY STATE. If you haven’t checked out the trailer please do so because I know the concerns I raise in this video will then probably make more sense…More than just the fact that I tend to be the ultimate glass-half-empty kind of person.

Over at Chapin’s Inferno I heard the news story this week, of the 29 y.o. Fort Worth man being hauled off the flight from Philadelphia going back to DF/W airport in Dallas. Depending on the source and the date, reports say either his ex-girlfriend or her new boyfriend called the airport and lied about him having liquid explosives with him.

The most obvious problem revealed in the incident is the Mortal Danger an anonymous-tipster can put ANYONE in – at any time on the merest whim. That’s scary enough but from my perspective that’s only half of the “scary” revealed in my YAHOO! NEWS version of events, which is from ABC News.

The version of events I’m reading from says the “authorities did not yet have a motive for the HOAX.” Later stories report the new boyfriend was mad at the old one because he had posted certain suggestive photos of the woman taken during the time she was with the first guy: the 29 y.o. Fort Worth man.

OKAY, so the woman and her new guy decide to fix her past “stupid” behavior (or perhaps it was merely irresponsible) by doing the same thing – only worse: they piled a mountain of Criminality on top of her earlier card-carrying Stupidity!

The GRAYSTATE connection came to me as I read the quotes from passenger Kurt Weber – age 54. He unwittingly (pun intended) is just one more example of how incrementally our STATE is going dark. We are going to a darker GRAY STATE shade-by-shade-by-tiny shade…so slowly that maybe it’s not just the Kurts of the world that miss it, which is why I wrote this.

But here are the quotes from that 54 y.o. which might be useable when the GRAY STATE folks get far enough into their production to consider, say, a prologue.

Kurt Weber says, as authorities boarded the plane…


            “It was like Seal Team Six, the SWAT team from Philly, they were pretty awesome.” (He likes the idea of a police-state so much I’m betting he’ll think it’s even “awesome-er” when they come for him on some trumped-up charge.)

Weber goes on, “These guys entered from the rear of the plane, next thing I know, it almost sounded like a stampede.” (StormTroopers in lock step, anyone?)

He continues, “Here are four Philadelphia SWAT guys, all in black with laser sights on their weapons, weapons drawn and focused on this guy.” (In another version a different passenger said there were five SWAT ninjas. All I can say is, Thank God none of them had itchy trigger-fingers!)

The 54 y.o. goes on to tell the ABC News reporters: that the team had the man handcuffed and on the ground quote in seconds unquote. (The known Islamic terrorist Underwear Bomber from Christmas 2009 didn’t even get black-ninja SWATted from what I can find. But for Mr. Kurt Weber, what he’d just witnessed was AWESOME.


The most depressing thing is that Weber is probably not alone. I suspect plenty of other useful-idiot-Americans would likewise consider it AWESOME that StormTroopers in Constitution-Town or in their-town-USA pulled this sort of totalitarian crap on an anonymous-tippoff victim (and in this case, based upon ZERO EVIDENCE).

These useful-IDIOTS or useful-innocents – depending on how charitable you’re feeling – are the ones speeding you and I and this entire country over the brink and into a very long, very dark “day” indeed.

So many fail to see the glass-half-empty side of such news stories but, thanks in part to the GRAY STATE creatives, I’m not among them. In less than 3 minutes they have very effectively portrayed in their trailer, the cumulative effect that decades of increasingly authoritarian & propagandist news reports have had on a gullible, government-educated public. This trailer, for the feature-film they plan to make, shows America in a bleak and frightening near-future. Think 1984 meets Robocop. So if you can help them financially, help them get through to the Bread & Circuses-saturated Kurt Webers of the world, I would urge you to do so.

Check out the links below and until next time, Stay Safe & Keep Rebelling!

“As seen on” my YouTube channel, here.

Article I’m quoting from:–abc-news-topstories.html

Chapin’s Inferno (where I first heard about the story & linked article:

GRAY STATE movie links:
Contribute here…

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