“Max Manus” a film review for Liberty-lovers

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Actor, Axel Hennie, left, portrays Max Manus, right

Greetings, rebels to King George, and curious others…

It’s Sunday, the 16th of September 2012. I saw a fine film last night that I’d like to recommend for all you fellow Liberty-lovers out there. It’s called, “Max Manus.”

It’s Norwegian, and was released in 2008. It’s set during WWII and tells the fascinating story of real-life resistance-fighter, Max Manus. (Whom, I’m embarrassed to say, I had never heard of before.)

Most of this 1hr 57min film – which is never boring or ponderous – is subtitled, so don’t plan on multi-tasking! The exception to this is a short bit that takes place in Scotland, where Max and other Norwegians went to get the special training – including the use of explosives.

They were schooled directly by the best of the British military. The skills they acquired allowed them to conduct, and oftentimes succeed in, their undercover/covert operations against the Nazi’s.

If possible “resist” (pun intended) watching it online. Though convenient, you’ll miss the mini-documentary included on the Netflix DVD. Trust me, it’s as worthwhile as the film. I’d also suggest you watch it after you see the film. I think you’ll be more impressed, perhaps amazed, at how so many of the actors really do resemble the historical figures they portrayed.

You will also meet Max Manus himself, after vicariously experiencing a dramatized portion of his life. He speaks in several film clips serenely, sincerely, almost nonchalantly, about various aspects of his dangerous, undercover work during WWII. As a revered national hero, he clearly did interviews several times over the years, one of which was in 1996, the year prior to his death. This one was featured prominently in the documentary.

One very minor criticism I had was that those archived footages and of filmclips featuring his family might have been more fully dated.

But in the documentary you’ll also get to see some of his contemporaries. In particular Max Manus’ wife as she speaks about her hopes being realized: that a movie like the feature film would ultimately be made to honor him. She also spoke lovingly of the stalwart nature he showed all through their life together, even though events from his War experiences in Finland and in his service in Norway – particularly the loss of his compatriots – always weighed upon his mind. It was clear she and he had forged a strong companionship in those days and remained friends throughout a marriage which spanned 5 decades.

Lessons from Max Manus’ Resistance…

Here are the three most valuable resistance-concepts I took away from the film (and from the documentary):

First: being a Battle-hardened veteran is good, but…covert actions may leave you feeling let-down. Your hit & run style rarely puts you face-to-face with your sworn Enemy.

Next: That an occupation-Enemy becomes amorphous, chameleon-like. Resistance-fighters must consider the effects of Collaboration. Once sufficient time passes and hardships or shortages and then special carrot-like privileges are factored in, the people you’ve trusted or even loved all your life – whether across a classroom, an office, or anywhere, even at home – can become your enemy tomorrow.

LASTLY…Don’t Wait for the Crowd to “Do Something”

Not that Max Manus necessarily waited to follow the herd…but he did make the point that an opportune time had come and long gone before he began to think about organizing.

The Nazi’s originally came in a small force he related. They were not resisted, so they brought in more and more. By the time young men like Max realized nobody else was going to do anything – and that he or they would have to – there were already 100’s of 1000’s of armed and reinforced Nazi invaders on the ground, with his Norwegian homeland in full lock-down.

But nobody in their right mind would wait for today’s “crowd”…

It doesn’t take an Einstein with wall-to-wall black board space to go-figure just how deluded the typical “crowd” in 2012-America is. Can you say, “Jersey Shore,” or “The Kardashians?”

Unfortunately this miraculous lightspeed Info-tain-ment SuperHighway that every school child in America supposedly needs a private laptop for (and that you and I can use so constructively & creatively) is doing a great job of killing more than just kids’ brains.

Just this afternoon (Sunday) the last 18 “Google Hot Searches” spanning the previous few days are (except for two) all Television-, royal-or-Hollywood celebrity-, gaming-, or some other Entertainment. “Other” meaning the latest releases of electronic-devices, i.e. toys for supposed grown-ups.

And 1 of those paltry 2 out of 18 non-entertainment uses was “technically speaking” Entertainment-related.

It was a search for, “Coptic Christians,” distancing themselves from any connection to that amateur American movie trailer parody of Muslims. The quality of that 15 min. “short” tested the 1st Amendment, and strained not only the definition of “entertainment,” but of “storytelling” as well.

Its incoherence aside, unfortunately it provided an apparently much needed excuse this past week for Muslims around the world to freely-commit very telling, yet monstrously UN-entertaining murderous rampages against U.S. citizens and embassy territories.

Another long, dark, night is on its way. By snail.

Might the rest of us be doing what remains of the West’s so-called “culture” a favor if we could wave a wand and magically put it out of its misery now?…especially considering all the other mind-numbing “reality” that the American middle-mass, the under the bell-curve crowd, is ingesting? Must we really wait for that long, dark, night to arrive via what seems like uphill snail mail?

And where’s the “Scotland” for tomorrow’s resistance-fighters?

Max Manus and his men had a refuge to retreat to where help was ready and willing and actually seemed to understand the danger Norway was facing.

Again, watch the documentary after the film to see his QUOTE-unQUOTE short hop-skip-and-a-jump from Norway to the Scottish training camp actually took 7 or 8 months if I remember correctly. That trip involved a circuitous path that doubled back on itself and even went around the Horn of Africa.

Fortunately we don’t need to take near as long to get to our “camp”…

Sorry, Virginia, not only is there no Santa Claus, there’s obviously no Scotland to sail to anymore…but…I believe there are still harbors – on the Internet – where like-minded Liberty lovers can gather.

So many skills, so little money…

There is a wealth of collected wisdom just waiting for those curious enough to seek it out, whether by reading the two books Max Manus wrote shortly after his experiences in WWII or from modern day fighting men.

These folks share their skills and knowledge, much of it for free, and do so in many places including, of course, YouTube – for all its faults. Need a kickstart? Search “prepper.”

Check out the links below and Until next time,

Keep Rebelling

A bigger dose of reality than you probably want, here:

A good “prepper” channel to follow:


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