“Occupy Unmasked:” Andrew Breitbart’s last-stand for the Truth is in theaters now

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Greetings, rebels to King George, and curious others.

Image courtesy of the movie’s official website: HERE

I’m hoping to do a longer movie review but I really wanted to get this shorter one out today while it’s fresh in my mind.

It’s Monday, the 24th of September 2012 and I saw the documentary, “’Occupy’ Unmasked,” yesterday. Now that I’ve seen it, and have learned just how involved Andrew Brietbart was in its planning and creation – not to mention how heavy and soul-deep the film’s implications are – it has answered for me, among other questions, a most perplexing one, namely, “How was it Andrew Breitbart came to die on March 1st of a heart attack…at such a young age.”

The film, from Citizens’ United, is listed at 1hr 15 min, and though that sounds really short, trust me, that’ll be plenty. Prepare to be humbled, my friends. That is if you’ve ever rolled your eyes at people who joke about the coming Zombie-Apocalypse or if you’ve thought, “Looney-tunes…” as you were quickly changing channels upon discovering, “Doomsday Preppers” was up next. Once you see “Occupy Unmasked,” at the theater or on DVD (which the official website says will be shipping after the September 21st opening) you, too, might want to consider stocking up on at least some extra band-aids, perhaps even a little food or water. Just so you can stay off the mean-streets for a day or two when your town gets “occupied.” But to the film.

From beginning to end, the underlying message of “…Unmasked” is to urge viewers to put their metaphorical ear to the ground and listen. Listen and you’ll hear what the Occupy movement would likely call drums-of-change, whereas the film’s creatives and participants would warn are drums-of-war on the horizon – or out the windows of the downtown high-rises we live and work in.

The cover-up by the mainstream media is blatant. The question is why? Why would media outlets wish to collude with the organizers of “Occupy” and whitewash the violence and destruction the movement revels in?

I’ll give just three quick examples – in this short review – of how the filmmakers’ bolster such a martial-mood, one from each of the three Acts. First in Act 1, Bill Maher notes, “I kinda like it that they’re militantly vague.” Then in Act 2, video of 60’s political-terrorist turned 21st century political-hot potato, Bill Ayers is shown (and I paraphrase) endorsing property damage because QUOTE-UnQUOTE “non-violence” only applies to “people.” I would contend that Ayers, his acolytes, and their co-religionists on the far left see folks outside their ideological circle as non-people (which is akin to Muslim suicide-bombers viewing their Jewish and Coptic-or-other-Christian targets as sub-human).

The Occupiers’ us-versus-them attitude is clearly demonstrated in their provocations-of and confrontations-with the Law Enforcement personnel in each city. Their belief that these particular uniformed “organisims,” these Others, are fair game for violent-vitriol is shown in numerous in-your-face f-wording incidents. Clearly the Occupiers’ contempt for the societal-order the cops represent escalates to a desire for Destruction when the Molotov-cocktail chucking begins. Lastly, in Act 3, entitled, “Structured Chaos” filmgoers hear Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. proclaim to his particular “Occupy” mob – like any triumphant General would, to and about his troops – “Obama…this is your army!”

So, to all you non-Occupiers out there, I ask you again, will you consider buying a few extra band-aids now? Perhaps even adding in a few rat traps or cans of roach-spray if you live in any of the already-occupied cities or in one of those likely on the Occupy Wall Street’s to-UnDo list? Why not?

Check out the links below, especially the trailer for the film, which I wholeheartedly recommend at 5-stars. I hope you’ll come back in a day or two for my more detailed review.

Until next time,

Keep Rebelling




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