Official contributor on a premiere men’s-rights website

This is only about 3 weeks late…

But you can find two non-fiction articles I wrote in late October on this fine site. I “discovered” this movement just about two years ago after following a link to a site which was then called The False Rape Society (now “the Community of the Falsely Accused”) and have never stepped back through the Looking-glass or back into the Matrix (chose your preferred century’s analogy).

My first piece at A Voice for Men lays the foundation for a recently completed novel, based on a man’s suicide in June 2011; the second is a fairly lengthy summary of a divorce-for-men seminar I went to in mid-October. Look around the site and be amazed at what cruelty towards men has come from 40+ years of “Women’s Liberation.”

Thanks to the “alternate education” (the mostly untold or under-covered news’ stories) I’ve gotten from these two sites just mentioned (and a few others) often my YouTube videos address just such issues of inequality and injustice as they relate to men in our increasingly feminized/female-centric systems.


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