Leftist Hypocrisy

Greek 2-faced MasksOriginally presented as a YouTube video-torial, here.

Greetings Rebels-to-King-George, and curious others.

Originally I was going to goof-off from my novel-writing today by putting together a brief video review of the bestseller “Fifty Shades of Grey” which I’ll call Fifty-Shades-of-Hypocrisy. I’ll still do that in the next few days – out of the goodness of my heart…if only to save ONE OTHER PERSON from having to endure it, but after watching a just completed video about “Nice Guys” (linked below) I’m inspired to post this, as it falls under the same generic heading, i.e. HYPOCRISY, more specifically, Leftist-Hypocrisy, as does the book review. Also I think I can make this a much quicker piece than that review would have been.

When it comes to spotting hypocrites for what they are, I for one don’t need to dig into the various parts of their brains. When folks say they believe one thing, or they want one thing then say the complete opposite thing from what they’ve just claimed, the diagnosis is simple: They’re a HYPOCRITE.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a run of the mill Feminist, bemoaning the lack of Nice Guys, only to use and abuse the first, the next, or latest one to cross her path.

It doesn’t matter if it’s few “free-thinking” college students merely disrupting verbally or getting physical by throwing pies in the faces of ideologically divergent campus speakers (see link below). Worst of all is when such Quote-Unquote “intellectual types” violently oppose the mere presence of such speakers on their campuses altogether.

After all the college campus used to be – historically speaking – The Place for intellectual inquiry and debate.

These so-called deep thinkers who protest today will undoubtedly bemoan censorship at some point in the future or be on the front-lines demanding their own free-speech rights… And since they are HYPOCRITES they will never realize how they’ve bullied and often succeeded in silencing others. Or how they’ve successfully intimidated those others into silencing themselves to avoid conflict if not downright physical harm.

The latest example of Leftist-HYPOCRISY comes just this week in the world of protest-ART. Christianity and its imagery has in recent times been fair game for boundary pushing Quote-Unquote “artists” (see the “Piss Christ” here…..) and this lovely and probably fragrant number (the “Dung Madonna” here…).

But try making the First-Amendment claim that you have-a-right-to-freely-create equally offensive imagery of Muslim ideas or Muslim characters and you’ll almost certainly lose your job, your and your family’s security, perhaps even your life.

But this week, in the U.S., Leftists have made it apparent that such Free-Speech & Free-Creativity is not for everyone, especially those who don’t ascribe to their politics.

Now the fallout for disparaging Barrack Obama in an act of political-protest-Art (by putting his image in fake urine…see links below) may not have resulted in a beheading or stabbing in broad daylight as befell filmmaker Theo Van Gogh a few years ago but the epithets have flown nonstop at the Obama-in-fake-urine artist.

However, show Obama as the crucified Savior? Why hell, you’ve just scored twice for Team-Leftist: once for elevating the Presidency to godhood and then again for taking the most blatant not-to-mention the most blasphemous stab at Christianity it’s possible for anyone to take.

In my opinion while all this psycho-brain-biology is interesting, I have to ask if it’s really necessary in order to spot the hypocrisy which the world seems awash in? Knowing which part of the brain holds one of a person’s conflicting beliefs and which holds the other will never get them to see the actual problems their HYPOCRISY causes in the real world.

What would be great would be to get such folks to acknowledge such a disparity when it’s made black-and-white obvious to them and then getting them to work on dropping one of the two – especially when such beliefs intersect and interfere in other people’s actuallives, particularly when their well-being is put at risk.

Alas I suspect such contradictory belief-sets have developed over a lifetime…a lifetime spent in the public-school system and enforced in the popular media. These belief-sets are then ripe for compounding by the time those teens trudge off to their college campuses.

Sadly such brains, so well-trained to harbor contradictions, may never be recoverable.

So, until next time, watch out for your own HYPOCRISY & Keep Rebelling!


video-catalyst for this editorial: Girl Writes What’s, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9XDb0nxSO4

Pie-throwing & many other assaults on conservative speakers on U.S. campuses, from 2005:  http://archive.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2005/4/12/114319.shtml



(Glen Beck’s “Pee pee Obama” fundraiser): http://www.theblaze.com/stories/liberals-go-berserk-hurl-insults-at-beck-over-obama-in-pee-pee-fkwit-worse-than-feces-enjoy-hell/


Michael D’Antuono’s Obama-as-savior painting, “Truth” http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/painting-depicts-obama-as-crucified-christ.html


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