What can a man do?

Nearly two years ago.
R.I.P. For nearly two years.

This is one way complete and utter despair looks. I’m sure there are many others. Find a memorial site for Mr. Ball, here. Among other things it’s an excellent source of links to Suicide-prevention hotlines. They also have the full “manifesto” Mr. Ball wrote. It’s been called various derogatory things, but if you want a look behind the curtain into the darker recesses of one man’s “family court” experiences it’s an excellent place to begin (my Prologue/essay linked below is shorter).

My politically-incorrect novel, “Web of Lies,” was written in response to this tragedy. I knew it’d be a hard sell considering it took a “dim view” of feminism, out-of-whack divorce settlements (favoring the woman), and that it gives a pass to a divorced man’s Afterworld-style vigilante-justice. After dozens of agent-rejections this spring (only one slight nibble) I’ve decided to self-publish it: an e-book on Smashwords will come out first. I begin formatting to their style book standards tomorrow; hopefully it’ll be ready to submit in a few days!

Here’s a link to the Prologue, on A Voice for Men. It’s just as it’ll appear in the book, except I’ll change the date from October 2012 to this year.

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