20-page story in a few days


Confession is Good for the Soul: a political-fairytale from the not-too-distant future…

(5300 word short story, previously seen in February 2012 at (now-defunct) artistryagainstmisandry.com)

Oil lamps and computers, horse-drawn carts and semi-auto toting rough-men on the walls…

Welcome to USAFFC-DC [Fortified Federal Compound, District of Columbia]. The project had been the first of its kind, an above ground “bunker.” Now, “she” was reputed to be the country’s most secure.  The less-fortunates inside and the roving bands of outlaws beyond its walls disparagingly refer to it as Fort Dyke for short. 

Within its thick, [government ;-) ] certified blast-proof walls, an admin-staffer with decades of loyal service to the tyrannical Regime has had a crisis of conscience…the crisis being she’s actually developed one!

Check my author page for this one (later this week) as well as other FREE short-story downloads.


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